Unfortunate last lap crash for Granado at San Marino GP

The ONE Energy Racing rider fights for victory at the first race of the last round of the FIM MotoE World Cup, before DNFing due to a crash on the last lap.


ONE Energy Racing and Eric Granado had a demanding Saturday at the San Marino Grand Prix, involving E-Pole and the opening race of the weekend. The Brazilian rider qualified second in a 15-minute session and was at the front during Race 1 before crashing out on the final lap.

Due to the delay to the schedule, E-Pole was contested in a different format from usual, in a 15-minute session involving all riders and limited to a maximum of 5 laps each. Granado adapted well to the new situation and qualified second with a 1:43.494 lap on his fourth and final attempt.

The first race of the weekend was reduced from eight to seven laps, just minutes before its start. Due to the short nature of the contest, Granado pushed hard from the get-go and was part of the leading group. In the second half of the race, the Brazilian gave his all to try to achieve victory, climbing positions and holding off the overtaking manoeuvres by his rivals. On the last lap, when running in second position, the crash prevented him from finishing.

The last race of the 2021 season, in which he will start again from second position, will take place tomorrow at 3:30pm local time with Granado occupying fourth in the overall standings, with 73 points, and with 24-point gap with the leader.


1. Jordi Torres 12:11.858
2. Dominique Aegerter +0.160
3. Mattia Casadei +0.405
4. Matteo Ferrari +2.786
5. Miquel Pons +3.072
DNF. Eric Granado / ONE Energy Racing


1. Jordi Torres 97 points
2. Dominique Aegerter 89 points
3. Alessandro Zaccone 80 points
4. Eric Granado / ONE Energy Racing 73 points
5. Lukas Tulovic 61 points

#51 Eric Granado

“I felt good during the race. I did not make a good start and I lost some positions, but I got into the leading group again and I was riding in the Top 3. On the final laps I tried to attack, but it was a bit difficult to overtake, especially on the slow corners. I knew that on the last two corners I was faster, and on the last lap, when I was second behind the leader, I decided to make a move and crashed out. I want to apologise to my team and to all the sponsors who support me. We came to this race with a chance of the title and now everything has got more difficult. However, we are not going to give up, and as long as there is a possibility, we will do our best to try to achieve it. We will try to enjoy tomorrow’s race to the fullest and close the season with a good result.”