Niki Tuuli raring to return for the second half of the season

Following an early retirement from the German Grand Prix, Niki Tuuli will bounce back into action at this weekend’s Czech Grand Prix.

Despite his heroic efforts in Germany, the Finnish rider struggled with the pain in his left hand, caused by the amputation of one finger just a week earlier in Holland.

With a further two weeks of recovery over the summer break and a successful training regime completed on board his Supermoto bike, Tuuli is feeling ready and raring to return to action in Brno.

#66 Niki Tuuli
“This will be my first time in Brno but I’ve heard many good things about it and how nice the track is to ride. I’ve also watched many videos of it, so I’m excited to get there. It was really disappointing to have to retire from the German GP, so I’m really looking forward to riding again. I rode Supermoto last week and my hand felt so much better, so I feel very positive that I will be fine in Brno. It’s really important to me that I get back out there and don’t miss another chance; I have been given this amazing opportunity to ride in Moto2 and I want to show everyone that I am competitive in this class and have the potential to do very well. I can’t wait to be back with my team and back on the bike. I hope that I can push hard and make good progress over the weekend.”